As I Run Through the Days

Sacred Insights/moments lived by Your


let me be honest about…to You…

and say thank You…

as I run through the days

and build muscles of gratitude and knowledge that I’m being

built up for something wonderful

and, of You!

The Great Reversal

Jesus is the Great Reversal he predicted. 

Jesus IS HERE. 


If one significant person in one’s life can make it a heaven or hell, then it’s possible one person can make life heaven. 


 God lives in the imagination of her people. 


What can this feather tell me about God?

-it is gorgeous, like God. 

God’s heart is gorgeous.

The sight of a feather 

tickled my 

heart with lightness

and light. 

The Arrangement

Our strengths offer opportunity to discover and develop

spiritual weaknesses, 

but our weaknesses offer opportunity to discover and develop 

spiritual strengths. 

Hallowing Thy Name

Our Father who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

around this world, covering the lands

Hallowed be thy name

  within this heart you gave me, within this resting body, upon this hammock in New Jersey

Hallowed be thy name

  Hallowed be thy name

We Are Young

Because we will live forever, 
we are all young.

Poem presence





Washing the instant

Spinal cooling

Awareness of nature dreaming



Presence poem

Oct.27, Monday -2015

I like to imagine your heart, O Lord–

It is way beyond my understanding –

but the imagination you gave us–helps

us reach for appreciation & wonder!

exercises my soul.