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If B is greater than C, use your imagination

Why are we all called to create, as well as experience, new stories, poems, lyrics, music, art, film, and dance? Using our personal imaginations we focus on the art of meaning, both the comprehending and the enjoying of it.

All our literature and art is like a sea– lifting us to life awareness–of our being– for us to enjoy new levels of being, new places in the heart of being, new means and levels of enjoyment!

C.S. Lewis said about marital love, that beyond it is perhaps a higher greatness or level, that if B (romantic love) is better than C (no romantic love) is it not possible there is an A which is better than romantic love(B)?

If we play with Lewis’s reasoning and imagining, then consider another B, let’s say our own life’s journey B, that it is better by far than C–which is living life without a sense of its gift of being our very own “journey”, thus lacking wonder and personally meaningful “destinations” for enjoyment and soul and self growth.

Is it not possible that there is an A that is a higher level of meaningful life journey? What is that key that makes the jump from that B to A?

Perhaps our personal, creative reading and writing are our attempts to reach out to that possibility of an A. Imagine A, the grand and full expression of enjoyment within the personally meaningful universe where an infinite personal love is always acting upon us, calling us to respond. And we enjoy a higher as well as deeper level and dynamic of being with every response we call forth from within us.

The Hebrews would not say the word Yahweh….their name for the all powerful lover of our individual, personal, historical soul and of all souls. I trust that this same God has A in mind for you and me. It would make us quiet to try to begin to fathom it. In much quiet, in quiet creative work, we would begin to fathom the depths of this God and his great idea then be lifted higher at the same time. This would lead to an A kind of peace, an A kind of being.
So we keep trying in our individual quiet times of creative reading and writing and making, entering into depths and higher levels, which always go together.
What depth is calling you and what higher level is charming you? Quiet, time to work at letting it happen on its own. Come.


You are a Part

You are a part… An essential part, of God being everywhere, in every circumstance and eventuality, among people you are among and places you occupy, geographically and status wise. And that is part of God being God.

You are a part…an essential part, of God being everywhere, in every circumstance and eventuality, among people you are among and places you occupy, geographically and status wise. And that is part of God Being God.

So comparing people results in data that’s totally irrelevant to eternity. Bearing God in your heart, mind, will, spirit, soul, with openness and expectation will give you the sense of your oneness in Him and then, joy! Oneness in God is incomparable to anything. The summit of summits is not to be outdone nor undone.


In college I earned spending money by waitressing in Neilson Dining Hall on the Woodbury campus of Douglass College. One year I became a waitress waitress and had to eat at 4 to serve the waitresses their meal at 4:45 so they could then serve everyone at 5:30. Last winter I felt that role call me again as I prepared words to share with the crowd of 60 women from my church, whom I had gathered together for a Holi-Day Dinner out.

I wanted to share how I felt reconnected to that role because I was in effect serving the servers, the servants of our church who also were servants to their worlds at large, learning through their Sunday worship and studies, the selflessness required in helping those in need.

I kept that thought to myself, not sharing it until now. For in relating to an ongoing problem in my…

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