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A Quote for These Days –365 Days

I found this quotation handwritten (by me) on the inside front cover of my Oxford study edition of The New English Bible. It may be one of the best quotes as far as helping us navigate these days.
It’s by Samuel Taylor Coleridge from John Baillie’s A Diary of Readings.

A tranquil habit of inward life–(this is) the medial organ in and by which our peace with God, and the lively working of His grace in our spirit, are perceived by us. This peace is inviolable; but the sense may be interrupted, disguised , ….through temptations, weaknesses, but when these eclipses are over, the soul is revived by a new consolation, the grace and love of God towards them depend, not on their sense, nor upon anything in them, but is still in itself, incapable of the smallest alteration.

Hoping for us, the deep establishment of this “tranquil habit of inward life.”
Though our perception be disturbed, daily!…That habit keeps our perception from knocking us out, from knocking the real reality out of bounds. Though even then, the reality of God’s peace for us is no less real.


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* within a western context can be seen as an applied system of natural mental health and well-being.