O Antiphons 

The poem  “Antiphons on Winter” summons winter as teacher,

 nurturer, a dark gray caped figure, dark soil for our inner seeds to grow… 

And I fell for each beautiful personification head over heals, dark over light.

I loved winter daily with each reading.

 It was story time for this adult who just found something brand new…

High on Love! Deep in love! I loved this winter past, more than any other.

 The consciousness of it!! More conscious than my young self was ever prepared to be about a winter’s day. 

O poem who redeemed my winter by writing out the performance of the reader praising winter, do you know you redeemed along with winter, even more,

time passing, the present moment, and even now the present memory of my winter, my love, whom I will always love.

Come O Words! Come Words with power to consecrate moments as they come,  and come, and come.  

O God -the wonders waiting for our thrilling love for them. 


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