Deep within our 2013 world is the pair of us, everyone else and whoever I/you am/are. So among all the brilliant, studied, uneducated, among the haves, and the barely surviving, there we find ourselves. Who knows what forces have had their way with all of us!? Your reflections and mine are what our best teacher tried to help us establish as a lifelong, playful work and service to ourselves and others. If a grandparent or teacher never accomplished this reach into your inner self to increase your confidence in your own reflections, maybe we are receiving that help now in this random turn to a blog.

There is direction and truth in your peaceful reflections….I believe by sharing mine, I can encourage you to connect to yours. Of course I believe that both you and I can live livelier by SEEING THROUGH REFLECTION our connections to a personalized way to be.

Any random thing? Well, if you can find yourself reflecting on it, yes, it can offer a resource into understanding and knowledge and shed light on your next steps. It’s about being the ‘thinking being connected to I Am being BEING’…This is the safest and most exciting and most solemn and giddy place to be. See you there. We are connected! I need to meditate a bit.


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